1331 W Georgia St Vancouver BC V6E 4P1 Canada
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM / Sat-Sun 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
1331 W Georgia St Vancouver BC V6E 4P1 Canada
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM / Sat-Sun 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Industry-Leading Guarantee
& Commercial Sanitizing
Imagine your home so clean, it’s clinically clean. Free from bacteria and viruses, free from mold and mildew.
Professional Sanitizing Service
Disinfecting & Deodorizing
Spray Services
Our expert cleaners are carefully selected and then fully trained to give them a deep.

Cleaning Company

We are a one stop cleaning services shop that offers contractual based services, as well as tailored services – all of which are carried out by our cleaning specialists.

Cleaning You Can See & Feel

Our cleaning services provide everything from basic cleaning services to more thorough services. The end goal is to turn your home and office space into a clean haven that will improve your quality of life. Our professional team of cleaners are here to make an unparalleled experience for your home and your company.

Our cleaning staff are carefully selected, vetted and professionally trained performance in cleaning.
Home Cleaning Services

Sanitizing your living space requires utmost effort, patience and sufficient knowledge on the different types of cleaning products and their specialities. Leave the nitty gritty to us! We promise to leave your space spic and span

Whole Home
Commercial Cleaning Services

As a professional commercial cleaning service with years of experience, Amoo cleaning knows how to get the job done quickly and at a cost-effective price
In general, there are two reasons to have your commercial space, cleaned regularly:

  • For longevity
  • To provide a safe and clean space for employees and clients

Commercial cleaning is different in scope and performance, in comparison to typical cleaning. We have ensured that we are geared to handle the needs of office buildings, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, schools, institutions, and apartment complexes
Amoo cleaning consistently strives to provide the most effective approach to janitorial services through the use of technologically advanced equipment and maintenance methods that actually make a difference. We can organize a daily, weekly or biweekly cleaning schedule. We are fully insured and bonded!

Protecting Our Environment
Scientifically Proven

With specific customizable cleaning options and exceptional competitive rates - We are able to get rid of all allergens, odours and bacteria.

& Bacteria

Allergens can be any substance that causes an allergic reaction.

Important Information

Leaders in the Cleaning Industry

Our Employees

Our pay rates are higher than industry standards for the best employees.

Our Training

All of our cleaning staff are carefully trained; therefore, delivering a state of the art cleaning result

Our Services

We provide a range of specific cleaning services and standards.


We increase productivity and better quality in the cleaning services.

Get The professional
Cleaning Services
Our expert cleaners are carefully selected and then fully trained to give them a deep.
Our Mission

We try to provide quality cleaning services for clients that meet and even overstep their expectations.

Vision Statement

By providing special cleaning services, we strive to be recognized as the most valid company among our customers, employees and industry.

Our Core Values
  • Respect: Paying attention to the value and needs of each person and respecting their opinion.
  • Responsibility: Always acting with honesty and transparency with our clients,the society and the environment.
  • Excellence: We always look for ways to improve the best cleaning services for our clients.
  • Innovation: tTo be effective in the industry.
Need Commercial or
Residential Sanitizing Service?

We’re here to bring you the sanitizing services you need.

Questions & Answers
What Should I expect at my First Cleaning Service Visit?
We guarantee our commitment to work. We are punctual and You can find your trusted cleaner in our company. We will be able to clean the custumer’s place effectively. Our Professional cleaning service company contribute a lot to the busy life of homeowners. Home cleaning services include all indoor cleaning and cleaning work.
What guarantees do you offer in your service?
We are responsible for providing cleaning service. We use detergents appropriate and environmentally friendly, quality and appropriate detergents, that to making your place cleaning work done more quickly and with quality.
Do you supply the cleaning products?
We will arrive at your home we will be equipped with all the cleaning service and equipment needed to thoroughly clean your place.
Is your company insured?
We have two types of insurance that include Property insurance and WorkSafeBC. Our cleaning company safety program template include all the requirements of WorkSafeBC regulations. Medical expenses of injured employees at work are the responsibility of the company. The Home and place of the customers are insured.
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Services are offered without contract and can be modified at any time.

What to Expect
Feel Fresh for
Your Home and Office
All of our staffs are experienced in cleaning and they have received special training for cleaning .Our professional team will make your place a safe and clean environment. Our service consists of 5 parts to make the choice easier for you.
  • Customized Cleaning Schedule
  • Security Protection
  • Trusted & experienced
  • 24-Hour warranty
  • Client Support
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Trust us with all of your commercial
or residential Cleaning needs.

Our Testimonials
Professional Service and Effect of Cleaning
I highly recommend this cleaning company. They came to clean a custumer’s place that I was moving into that was so dirty and disgusting I had to delay my move until it was cleaned properly. The crew showed up on time they were professional and had a great attitude even though what they were walking into was very overwhelming. Everything was shiny and clean I was so happy with the work they did. I cannot say enough good things about this cleaning company. Don’t look anywhere else, Nothing can compare.
— Thibeault Advisory
Our Testimonials
Excellent Service and Cleaning Results
I am very satisfied with the quality of cleaning that the team at Amoo had done. They were efficient and thorough and were able to clean all the areas I had mentioned within the time given. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed. I was able to meet the owner too and he is super friendly and really cares about the quality of his work and if his customers are satisfied.
— Navjot Svadi
Our Testimonials
Excellent Service and Cleaning Results
I needed a last minute clean, and they came the next morning! No hidden fees, no travel charges, no scetchy stuff! The owner is so so nice, and I love how he walked me through my home to make sure I was satisfied before leaving. The cleaners were also so polite. I know if there's ever a problem, he would make sure it was fixed. My home sparkled and they put in so many extra details that I didn't even ask or pay for! Like straightening my papers, making my bed, cleaning the very inside of my stove burners. Every surface was spotless!!
— Alex Mcqueen
Some of Our Clients